Property Management / FAQ.

What is involved in the Tenant Application Process?

In order to find a qualified tenant, we utilize a comprehensive screening process.
• A national credit report on every adult applicant.
• An eviction search.
• Verification of former landlord references.
• Verification of the applicant’s employment and/or income.
• Criminal background check on all adult applicants.

How are maintenance issues handled?

You could either call us for emergencies or send us an email for less urgent maintenance issues. We will then schedule a time for our qualified experts to come and assess and repair the problem. The owner is notified of the request for repair and will be provided an invoice for work completed.

What is included in Rent?

Generally the rental price will include the home and taxes. The utilities, electric, internet and lawncare/ poolcare are the duty of the tenant. However in some instances the owner may chose to include any or all of the above items.

How does an owner get paid?

Disbursement of funds happens every month. The property owner will receive a monthly statement in the form of an email from AWT Property Management, as well as the ACH balance transfer of the funds. Along with our emailed monthly statements, we also provide property owners with our automated system that allows for you to log in and view past and current monthly statements and work orders. Conveniently located on our website, your information is accessible at the click of a button.

Will AWT Property Management stop by unannounced?

We respect the privacy of the tenants and will give adequate notice if we feel a visit is warranted. Generally, the only scheduled visits are for maintenance issues and for a walk through during the commencement, the close or the renewal of a lease.

What if a tenant doesn’t pay on time?

Rent is due on the 1st of the month and after 3 days a $50 late fee is assessed. In the very rare instance that the tenant defaults, after the 15th of the month with no payment, legal actions are commenced.

What deposits are needed?

Applicants will need to provide the first month's rent plus a security deposit and, if applicable, a pet deposit.

As an owner what happens if I receive a code violation on one of my rental properties?

AWT Property Management will remedy the situation with the tenant directly.

What does a property manager do for you?

A property management company provides all of the services you need to manage your investment. From screening potential tenants and performing inspections to managing rental payments and handling the eviction process. A property manager handles the day-to-day routine of ensuring your home is taken care of.

Do I need a property manager?

While many homeowners think that they can handle the aspects of managing their property themselves, it’s not ideal as they quickly find that the tasks pile up. With the assistance of a property manager, you will have a more professional appearance to your tenants, and the peace of mind that all legal aspects of managing a property are being followed.

How do I find the right property manager?

Finding a reputable property manager is as easy as getting a referral and reading reviews. The track record of your potential property manager is of the highest importance, as this will indicate how well they will manage your investment.

How quickly will my rental property be leased?

This all depends upon the state of the rental market in your area. If there is a low vacancy rate, then you can be sure that your property will be leased very quickly. By having a property manager who will comprehensively advertise your rental, you have the highest chance of finding a good tenant.

How can I ensure my property is cared for?

The only way to do this is to ensure you have a property manager who will perform regular inspections to view the property and note any concerns. There are laws and regulations on how frequently these inspections occur and how damage deposits work, so it is crucial that you have a property manager to ensure these rules are followed.

Why should I choose your company?

Our goal is to provide a seamless management process that builds strong ties between landlords and tenants. We make ourselves completely available to our clients, and it is this what sets us apart.